Our vision

Children come first, so we will ensure that hard work will be first priority to meet and surpass the high standard educational goals set for all students. A good education is the greatest gift you can give a child, it can be a golden ticket to the future of everyone in a society; a chance to better oneself, to learn and grow. We become a people that thrives when our education is responsive to inborn curiosity and drive, and respectful of how each brain needs to develop. Our children’s brain are damaged by lack of love and nurture. A bad educational system induces further damage by producing teachers who are also damaged. Our goal as guardians of the next generation is to give students the best environment possible that they develop better than we did, fully able to become successful socially complex citizens of the world.

Teacher Jeanette offers Kindergarten students academic excellence from the perspective of the love for teaching and learning. With a strong emphasis on learning to read “phonetically” we believe children can gain confidence to learn using the most updated educational materials while in a secure environment.


Kindergarten is the foundation of a child’s education. The educational “house” a child builds in his/her life will be built on the foundation of kindergarten. It is during the first years of life that children form attitudes about themselves, others, learning, and the environment. Educating a child is most successful when teachers and schools work together in the best interest of the child. Valuing education and the opportunities it provides are important first steps. The goal of our workbooks is to meet students’ needs not only intellectually, but also physically, socially, and emotionally.

Turning pain into power

by Ophelia S. Lewis

I grieved my mother’s passing with rage, not sadness. The Lewis family has too many happy memories to keep my sadness afloat. I had to find a way to deal with my anger. Being angry would cloudy the loving memories of our beloved Jeanette, so I had to turn that pain into something positive. I decided to honor my mother by doing what she loved to do, teach. Rather than stand before a class of kindergarteners, I decided to write books that would help underprivileged children start their educational journey with quality materials. 

Jeanette B. Lewis

This initiative is in honor of the matriarch of the Lewis family, Jeanette B. Lewis, who dedicated her entire life to the care of children, always surrounded by children, loving, teaching, or mothering. As a teacher to preschoolers and kindergarteners, her classrooms were more like being part of a big family than a classroom. No one got bullied, and everyone felt belonged.

Experienced at both loving and mothering, Teacher Jeanette, as she was always called, eyes and voice was soft but had the right blend of assertiveness and confidence to keep her class in order. She never turned an advantage through belittling her students or stamping authority. She taught with the passion of a lifelong teacher, someone who lived to inspire a love of learning in all who sat under her voice. She treated her students as if she’d known them her whole life. And she never use a cane.

Jeanette with children from the community in Salala, Bong County, Liberia.

Like our beloved Jeanette, we believe that every child is precious and every life has a purpose. We are hopeful that these books, used in homeschooling, would provide education to these children without access to quality education.

Awesome Team

L. Manseen Logan

Writer / Senior Editor

Ophelia S. Lewis

Publisher / Writer

Shabamukama Osbert

Shabamukama Osbert


Patrice D. Juah

Writer / Senior Editor