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Hands-on learning—perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders, too!

Our workbooks have the thousands of hours our hearts carry to dream that we can help children prepare for a future where they can have any career they aspire to have. Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege Workbooks are designed to deliver the highest standard, and beyond, today’s pre-elementary education. By learning just 200 words, a kindergartener will be ready to pick up a beginner book and read. A strong start helps ensure a child is able to benefit from the learning opportunities available in today’s kindergarten classrooms and homeschooling. These workbooks provide plenty of practice for children to succeed in kindergarten and beyond!

We make learning fun.

Kinder Kollege Workbooks

Teacher Jeanette Kinder Kollege workbooks are packed with exercises that will make learning fun! These workbooks will provide a gentle introduction to structured learning that is both developmentally appropriate and academically foundational. They are proven activities to help prepare Liberian students for success; by teaching strong fundamentals to start their educational journey. Students will LOVE learning.

Language Arts - Writing

Primary Handwriting Guidelines

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Language Arts - Spelling

Raising Spellers

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Language Arts - Reading

Ready Readers

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Primary Bible Lessons

Spiritual Truths of the Bible for Early Learners.

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Primary Arithmetic

Numbers & Operations

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Primary Copybook

Learn to Letter

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Social Studies

Liberia Social Studies for Early Learners

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Smart Start for Early Learners.

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Computer & Technology for Early Learners

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